The First Toastmasters Meeting Aboard the Chicago Water Taxi

From corporate conference rooms and elegant ballrooms to community spaces in churches and theaters, for D103 Toastmasters, the world is our oyster when it comes to organizing a Toastmasters meeting. This time was no different, when a group of Toastmasters, led by few of the district’s executive council leaders, set out on the semi-frozen waters of the Chicago River.

The idea of organizing a Toastmaster’s meeting in an one-hr journey aboard the Chicago Water Taxi, was conceptualized by Kailas Girase, Division B Director and implemented with the efforts of the District PR Manager, Shannon Wright, and the District Administrative Manager, Julian Wiley.

As the water taxi was set in motion, the warm enthusiasm was evident among our Toastmasters who would be a part of this one-of-a-kind meeting.

The meeting started with a round of introductions, followed by two prepared speeches. Shannon’s speech titled ‘Taxi’ entertained the audience as they enjoyed the views of the receding skyline from the water taxi, whereas Julian’s speech titled “How I Learned to Swim,” challenged them to delve deeper.

The meeting was concluded with a motivational messages of gratitude presented by Kailas Girase and Renu Sanghavi as the water taxi was being docked on the riverwalk.

Out-of-the-ordinary meetings such as this, are starting to become an inherent part of D103 Toastmaster’s culture. Our Toastmasters value that while it’s essential to learn and grow through the Toastmasters program, one can do so while having some fun.

Written by: Sanchit Chitre, ACB, ALB, B14 Area Director, District 103.
Images by: Shannon Wright, ACB, ALB, Public Relations Manager, District 103.


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