For Our Clubs and Members


Education Awards — Members who wish to be celebrated on Friday April 12 of the Annual Conference at the awards ceremony. Please submit all traditional & pathways education awards by March 31. The ceremony will recognize awards achieved between March 31 2018 – March 31 2019.


  1. Membership has its benefits! Only members of the club may attend with a club registration. Guests may not attend for free.
  2. Two for one deal! Conference & Membership in one. We encourage clubs to invite guests to join their club as a member & attend the conference w/ the club.
  3. Win-Win-Win! The new membership will count toward the club DCP points, The District Growth Plan, and increase attendance the conference.


Club Registration Deadline is March 31. All clubs should register by March 31. Guests may not attend for free. We encourage you to invite guests to join your club as a member. Then you can use the dues to count toward your DCP points as well as pay the club fee to attend the conference. Meals are not included in the individual or Club registration — Members may pay for their meals by clicking here.