Educational Awardees

Congratulations to the District 103 members who received educational awards…

For November 2018

Club No.AwardMemberClub Name
3063999VC1Barnett, Leigh ATransUnion Toastmasters
867346CCClement, Danielle EWords From the Hill
6920841LDREXCDomenella, JamesBrave Little Toasters
5365945ACGDuncan, Amy J.UOP Riverside Toastmasters
5365945LDREXCDuncan, Amy J.UOP Riverside Toastmasters
5365945ALSDuncan, Amy J.UOP Riverside Toastmasters
5740779CCESTOQUE, EMMAFutures Toastmasters
3826232CLEvans, Melvia T.Toast of Chicago
614CCFairchild, KatieOak Park Toastmasters Club
5752MS1Fuller, Tamara AshleyMichigan Avenue Club
371MS1Grishchenko, MarinaSpeakers Forum Club
3063999CCGuzman, MariaTransUnion Toastmasters
3731PM1Ingram, Ronald RTalk Of The Town Toastmasters Club
667117ACGKelly, KathyChrist Universal Temple Club 2 Toastmast
3063999IP1Majewski, GraceTransUnion Toastmasters
2734EC4McGill, RosaPathfinders Toastmasters Club
1752928ACSMcManus, JayBlue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Chicago 2
3063999DL1Perez, AmandaTransUnion Toastmasters
1933228CCPolhamus, Mark EView Masters At Metropolitan Club
1279802ALBQian, HongHHS Toastmasters
2606161DTMRoberts, NauricePower Speakers
2606161ALSRoberts, NauricePower Speakers
2606161ACGRoberts, NauricePower Speakers
2606161LDREXCRoberts, NauricePower Speakers
5740779PM1ROMERO, JOSEPHINE HFutures Toastmasters
1279802EC1Sanders, Betty AnnHHS Toastmasters
2686066VC1Santangelo, Debra LynnToastmasters of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
5278285ALSScott, Joyce B.Greater Englewood Toastmasters Club
5278285LDREXCScott, Joyce B.Greater Englewood Toastmasters Club
3083657LDREXCVertucci, Kimberly A.BP Toastmasters Chicago
3288CCWadlington, DuaneTwo-One-Nine Toastmasters Club
7079PI3Wang, Merry L.S Loop Speak Freaks Club
708973PM2Weindorfer, RichardBold Literary Talkers (BLT) Club
371PM1Weinstein, Margot B.Speakers Forum Club
5752CCWolff, Daniel CMichigan Avenue Club
3063999LD1Wu, Zhi(Flora)TransUnion Toastmasters

For December 2018

Club No.AwardMemberClub Name
5752DL3Barkley, BeneathaMichigan Avenue Club
3063999VC2Barnett, Leigh ATransUnion Toastmasters
3926264VC1Blumenthal, MichaelMicrosoft Midwest Toastmasters
1717ACGBrooks, Samuel L.Park Forest Club
5557037CCByrne, Virginia LouiseDepartment of Oration Innovation
1560990IP1Chalabian, JackCTA Toastmasters
6920841ALSDomenella, JamesBrave Little Toasters
6502164CLIdziak, Martin PeterToastmasters of Palos Heights
5752ACBJones, Courtney J.Michigan Avenue Club
867346CCLloyd, YvonneWords From the Hill
3063999DL2Perez, AmandaTransUnion Toastmasters
5954105IP1Rathslag, KatieGE Digital Chicagoland
5740779EC2Rivera, Manuel IeeFutures Toastmasters
5740779EC1Rivera, Manuel IeeFutures Toastmasters
1752928CLRodriguez, Vanessa AidaBlue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Chicago 2
5954105VC1Schumacher, NickGE Digital Chicagoland
1717ACSTravis, RobertPark Forest Club
3083657ALSVertucci, Kimberly A.BP Toastmasters Chicago
3083657DTMVertucci, Kimberly A.BP Toastmasters Chicago
7079ALBWang, Merry L.S Loop Speak Freaks Club
5954105PI1West, Mark R.GE Digital Chicagoland
5752ACSWright, ShannonMichigan Avenue Club