Educational Awardees

Congratulations to the District 103 members who received educational awards in October 2018!


Club No.AwardMemberClub Name
930MS4Alford, BonniejeanWest Suburban Club
930MS3Alford, BonniejeanWest Suburban Club
667117ALBBallard, Frances L.Christ Universal Temple Club 2 Toastmasters
5752DL2Barkley, BeneathaMichigan Avenue Club
930DL1Barry, AubreyWest Suburban Club
1933228CCBeaudoin, BeauView Masters At Metropolitan Club
930CCBoskovich, Fred MWest Suburban Club
5752ACBChitre, SanchitMichigan Avenue Club
1933228ALSDahl, Sima R.View Masters At Metropolitan Club
1933228DTMDahl, Sima R.View Masters At Metropolitan Club
930CLDonovan, Clare T.West Suburban Club
5365945ALBDuncan, Amy J.UOP Riverside Toastmasters
1567875ACBFeltovich, AndyLoop Trustmasters
5752ALBJones, Courtney J.Michigan Avenue Club
1752928DL2Joseph, Amanda LiviaBlue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Chicago 2
3303CLLane, Cheryl C.Broadview Toastmasters
5966141CLLawrence, Stephanie DeniseLeaders On La Salle
2734EC3McGill, RosaPathfinders Toastmasters Club
771880LD1Mosley, Dushun H.Wrightwood-Ashburn Overcomers (WAO) Toastmasters Club
3063999CLPerez, AmandaTransUnion Toastmasters
9584CCSefcovic, FabianSuccessfully Speaking Club
1456269CLShameem, Murtaza T.DIC Toastmasters
4501ACSTomich-Adair, Donna MEPA Club
708973VC2Wiley, JulianBold Literary Talkers (BLT) Club
1456269CLWilliams, Caroline K.DIC Toastmasters
1456269IP1Williams, Caroline K.DIC Toastmasters
595201IP1Yoshiyasu, Enio AndoExtreme Toastmasters Club