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Someone You Should Know in D103

This page features club members, club leaders, and district leaders who are making a mark within District 103 Toastmasters thanks to their active participation and service.

Here’s the latest “Someone You Should Know in D103”:

September 2017

Brenda Taylor-Grevious, ACB, ALB

F85 Area Director

Featured because this Speakers of the House district leader encouraged her fellow DEC members to challenge opportunities and put in the work to build a dynamic district.

November 2017

Marti Konstant, CC, CL and Lynette Hanover

Mentor and Mentee

Featured because of their successful “Mentor/Mentee” partnership which has helped both View Masters of Metropolitan Club members to grow personally and professionally. Their “Mentor/Mentee” partnership earned Lynette a 3rd place victory in the District 103 Evaluation Speech Contest during the FIRST and LAST District 103 Fall Conference on November 11. The trophy represents stepping outside of your comfort zone and reaching success with coaching, support, and mentoring.