Use These Resources to Prepare Yourself for Pathways

By | February 5, 2018

Did you know your journey for personal and professional development does not have to end in Toastmasters? Have you realized you’ll be working in the new Pathways educational program starting February 13, 2018? Are you aware of what you need to do to prepare yourself for this educational transition in Toastmasters? District 103 Toastmasters has been sending designated Pathways Guides/Ambassadors to your clubs since January. Most Pathways Guides/Ambassadors have been successful in meeting with you and your club members to share details about the transition into Pathways. Several are still waiting to connect with you to schedule such a meeting. The District 103 Pathways Guides/Ambassadors are assigned to help you learn the preliminary information about Pathways, as well as, to walk you and your Base Camp Managers through the use of Pathways. Please find time to connect with them and schedule their visits. In the meantime, to help you and your club members prepare for the transition into Pathways, feel free to visit for details, information, and resources on Pathways. February 13, 2018 will be a new way of building your skills as a communicator and leader in Toastmasters. Use the resources at to help yourself make a seamless transition into the new educational program.


Courtesy of Frank Storey, DTM, PDG and Pathways Ambassador in District 18 (Maryland/Delaware), here are a few more resources you can use to transition into the Pathways educational program:

TUTORIAL: A great overview before you log in to do an Assessment.

HANDOUTS: A graphical representation of Pathways.

POCKET GUIDE: Great for guests, new Toastmasters, or those who do not attend training.

TIPS: To help the district get off to a great start.