District Trio

Don Williams, DTM2, District 103 Director

District Director

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. all started for me about 2007, when a co-worker, Elta Marquez, was giving her 10th speech from the Competent Communication manual as a member of Knowledge Speakers. She asked me to attend the meeting as a guest. I enjoyed the meeting and joined Toastmasters the following year and have been a member ever since. I have belonged to as many as nine (9) clubs, currently I belong to two (2) clubs. I have served in all seven (7) club officer roles several times. I have served as Club President for three (3) President’s Distinguished Clubs. I have earned over 100+ educational awards in District 30 and District 35 combined, including two (2) DTM’s (I’m currently working on my 3rd and 4th DTM’s). I have served on the ACE committees with Stella Lorens to help select district conference keynote speakers. I was the 2009-2010 Distinguished Area 25 Governor, 2010-2011 President’s Distinguished Southwest Division Governor, 2011-2012 Select Distinguished South Division Governor, President’s Distinguished Area 56 Governor and District Education Recognition Chair. In 2012-2013, I served as District Public Relations Officer and Newsletter Editor. I was also appointed the 2013-2014 District Logistics Chair. In 2014-2015, I served as the Administrative Assistant to the District Governor. In 2015-2016, I was the Central North Division Director. In 2016-2017, I served as the Administrative Assistant to the District Director, as well as, District Club Extension Chair. And for 2017-18, I served as Club Growth Director for District 103.

Bill Morrill, DTM5, District 103 Program Quality Director

Program Quality Director

With the help of dozens of mentors, leaders and teammates, Jesus has blessed me with wonderful learning opportunities and extraordinary friendships to grow my communication, leadership and teamwork skills. For Communication, I am thankful to have earned 5 DTMs and Level 5 of Pathways Leadership Development Path. During that time, I have completed over 50 Toastmasters manuals, including 15 CCs and all 15 of the AC manuals. I have also had the fortune of winning 10 speech contests at club, area and division levels. For leadership, I am a leader in 4 Toastmasters clubs where I have served in every club officer role, leading clubs to Distinguished or higher 20 times in the last 10 years. I have also served on 7 DECs, including 3 Area Director / Governor roles, Division Governor and Club Growth Director. For teamwork, I have had the honor of coaching club members to over 20 speech contest wins, to have participated on over 40 district and HPL committees and to have served on over 50 contest functionary teams. One special accomplishment I have enjoyed is teaming with other leaders to help Northern Trust’s one club of 15 members grow to 7 clubs worldwide with over 150 people supported by Northern. As I serve this year as Program Quality Director, it is my heartfelt joy to share some of my time, talents and treasures to help our district, its clubs and its members to achieve S.U.C.C.E.S.S.!

Frank Hesser, DTM, District 103 Club Growth Director

Club Growth Director

Became a Toastmaster in October, 2011, and earned my DTM in September, 2015. Have earned a total of 27 education awards for 5 clubs. Served at least one year in each of the club officer roles, except for Secretary, which is my current role for Lemont Toastmasters. Currently serving as President for Broadview Toastmasters. Served as: Pathways Ambassador and Guide in 2017-2018; District 103 Club Extension Chair in 2017-2018; Area Director for South 57 in 2016-2017, earning PRESIDENT’S DISTINGUISHED AREA; District 30 Club Extension Chair in 2015-2016; Division Governor for the West Division in 2014-2015, earning DISTINGUISHED DIVISION. As President of Lemont Toastmasters, earned DISTINGUISHED CLUB in 2016-2017; as President of The Center Toastmasters, earned PRESIDENT’S DISTINGUISHED CLUB in 2013-2014. The divisions that currently make up District 103 have had a net loss of members in each of the past four years. As Club Growth Director, my goal is to have a net gain in the number of clubs, as well as a net gain in total membership; however, I will strive to go well above my goal in order to assist Don and Bill in their quest to make District 103 a PRESIDENT’S DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT.