Club Ambassador Program 2020-2021

By | August 25, 2020
Where Leaders Are Made!!!!

Hello, Fellow District 103 Toastmasters! The 2020-2021 Club Ambassador Program has kicked off July 1, 2020! Club members of District 103 Toastmasters are visiting many clubs in the virtual environment more than ever in history.

The Club Ambassador Program is for club members to learn and grow from other clubs and share what they learned with their club. We have goals for the Club Ambassador Program!

Goals of Club Ambassador Program for District 103 Toastmasters:

  1. Increase club retention by instilling more interest and involvement in Toastmasters. 
  2. Help members reach their educational goals by providing more opportunities for members to speak.
  3. Introduce members to different speaking styles and club meeting formats by exposing them to members outside of their club.
  4. Help District 103 become a President’s Distinguished District by increasing DCP participation.
  5. Help Area Directors understand the importance of the program to help them become a President’s Distinguished Area.
  6. Help clubs reach their DCP goals by actively engaging their members.

To receive credit as a Club Ambassador, please download the Club Ambassador form and send the completed document to Club Ambassador Chair Dushun Mosley at

To download Club Ambassador Form